2-Cycle 50:1 Premixed Fuel


Ethanol-free, 90-octane 2-cycle performance

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Powermaster 50:1 provides ethanol-free, 90-octane 2-cycle performance with the highest quality broad-spectrum synthetic lubricant on the market, making this the perfect blend for 50:1 applications. The proprietary lubricant used in Powermaster 50:1 exceeds industry standards for lubrication — both JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD. Using Powermaster 50:1 improves start of your outdoor equipment.

Why buy Powermaster 50:1 pre-mixed, 2-cycle fuel? Because pump gas contains up to 15% ethanol, and ethanol absorbs moisture which leads to deposits in carburetors and fuel systems, making your equipment hard to start. Additionally, ethanol is a solvent, which means it will deteriorate plastic and rubber fuel system components often leading to complete rebuilds. Save money in the long run by protecting your lawn and outdoor equipment from damage. Powermaster 50:1 is good for storage up to two years in a vented tank and five years in its factory-sealed container.

  • Ethanol-free 90-octane unleaded fuel for outdoor power equipment
  • Contains a JASO-FD certified, 100 percent synthetic 2-cycle lubricant
  • Meets mixing ratio standards for 50:1 spec’d equipment
  • Store up to 2 years in vented tank or up to 5 years in factory sealed container

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  • Specific Gravity
    750 @ 60°F
  • Color
  • MON
  • R+M/2
  • RVP
  • Oxygenated
    Yes (Ethanol)
  • Oxidation Stability (min.)
  • 10% evap @
  • 50% evap @
  • 90% evap @
  • E.P. @