Nitro Race™ R/C Motorsport Fuel®

vec carPowerMaster Nitro Race™ is developed by VP Racing Fuels to be THE answer for your racing needs. Nitro Race is formulated with a high-performance oil package for incredible rpm and power gains without sacrificing reliability.  

  • Ultra-clean burn – Easy to tune - No after-run necessary
  • Extended runtime that sheds pit stops during long mains
  • Multi-viscosity 9% lubrication package: Synthetic/Castor
    blend w/ high-tech EP package for the ultimate
    combination of rpm and protection

TRUCKSynthetic / Castor Blend

  • PowerMaster Golden Break-in
  • PowerMaster Master Basher 20
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 16% Touring Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 20% Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 25% Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 30% Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 40% Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 50% VP Drag Car Special
  • PowerMaster 25% Road Race
  • PowerMaster RC Pro Race 30
  • *inquire for specialty blends