PowerMix® for Giant-Scale

VP PowerMaster® PowerMix® the Future of Giant-Scale Fuelvec truck

The Problem
Giant-scale R/C vehicles are powered by small displacement 2-stroke engines. These engines require a gasoline-type fuel mixed with an oil lubricant. This form of fuel and R/C vehicle are generally easy to tune and provide good power, but there are a few significant drawbacks to using the typical pump gas you buy down at the corner store. So, what are you really getting at the gas station? Regulations for the gas at your local service station are constantly changing and evolving to the point that their chemical makeups are ok to use in your automobile but tend to wreak havoc to the fuel system components of your expensive R/C vehicle. Today, the gas at most pump stations contains 10-percent ethanol, and that is set to increase to 15 percent in the near future, and has in some places. The ethanol is said to act as a detergent to keep the entire fuel system clean; what they don’t tell you is that ethanol attracts moisture and tends to deteriorate all of the components from the fuel lines to the gaskets in the carburetor. The ethanol will do a good job of breaking up any gunk that rests in the fuel tank, but that gunk will be sent through to the carburetor, or plug any filters in the system. If you leave fuel in the tank, it will attract moisture and contaminate the fuel, which can lead to problems starting the engine.

powermixThe Solution: PowerMix®
PowerMix premixed R/C fuel contains NO ETHANOL and is currently available in three versions, 40:1, 50:1 and 25:1. PowerMix is extremely stable for a long shelf life, lasting for over 2 years in its sealed container, or for several months in the fuel tank of your R/C vehicle. The PowerMix fuel blend has been thoroughly and specifically tested in the wide array of small 2-stroke giant-scale R/C engine applications and utilizes the highest quality 100% synthetic oil on the market. PowerMix produces tons of power, improves throttle response and provides a smoother, more linear power band vs. pump gas. This results in easier tuning and lower engine temperatures – Not to mention eliminating fuel system failures, downtime and costs relating to problems caused by ethanol.   

PowerMix 25:1 premix
•    Covers most engine manufacturers’ recommendations for giant-scale cars and trucks
•    Perfect for beginners wanting a safe and simple solution to pump gas.
•    Provides excellent power and throttle response with plenty of lubrication.


PowerMix 40:1 premix
•    Improved performance for competition giant-scale cars and trucks.
•    Perfect for airplanes that require a 40:1 oil mix.
•  This is the favorite choice of top national championship giant-scale off-road racers. Multi-Time National Championship Winner!  


PowerMix 50:1 premix
•   The most powerful premixed ready-to-use fuel on the market for giant-scale R/C. Warning: Only for use by experienced giant-scale car and truck engine tuners.     
•    Perfect for giant-scale airplanes requiring 50:1 oil mix. 2011 XFC Giant-Scale Race Winner!

Here’s what the RC Car Action Magazine staff had to say about PowerMix:

“We have been running the 40:1 mixture in our HPI Baja with very impressive results. The best part of this fuel is that it doesn’t smell like your average gasoline but has that exciting ‘in the pits’ race fuel smell; you motorsport enthusiasts will know exactly what we’re talking about! We haven’t run into any issues when bashing with PowerMix in our fuel tank. The chemists at VP Racing Fuels appear to be on the cutting edge of fuel development for small displacement engines. These 2-stroke fuels are not legal for use in your automobile, but for the time being, they may be the best option we have to keep our large-scale rigs in tiptop running condition.”