About Us

The most trusted name in hobby fuel technology is back, and better than ever. Better because PowerMaster® Premium Model Engine Fuel is now performance engineered by VP Racing Fuels®, the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™. VP® transformed the time-tested formulation of PowerMaster into a world-class fuel using its world-class facility and nothing less than the purest ingredients available. What you get are longer runtimes, a cleaner burn and best of all, more power.


This is a strong claim, but what does it really mean? It means that for more than 35 years, VP Racing Fuels has led the power sports industry with the fastest and most reliable fuel blends available. VP has racked up more wins than all the other fuel brands combined, in virtually every racing category known to man. No other fuel manufacturer can say that. Even the most accomplished Reno Air Racing teams choose VP fuels to power the fastest piston-powered airplanes on the planet. The importance of the best fuel components and chemical consistency doesn't get more critical than that.