Race Fuel

Leaded, unleaded and methanol fuels for
automotive and powersports

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Small Engine Fuel

Ethanol-free 2-cycle and 4-cycle fuel for
lawn and outdoor

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How Racers Master the Power

Powermaster race fuels are blended with the highest quality components to meet the most exacting standards demanded by our customers. Our goal was to be a full-on, full-throttle race fuel company that supplies some of the best-performing products in the industry. We mean to be on the leading edge of fuel technology, competing in every form of racing for cars, trucks, bikes, and boats.

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Performance
  • Value

Race Fuels

Regardless of your application, you can count on Powermaster fuel blends to deliver the performance gains you need to get to the finish line first. Race cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles – all these and others can benefit from the leading-edge technology with which Powermaster race fuels are formulated.

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Small Engine Fuels

Why buy Powermaster small engine fuel? Because pump gas contains up to 15% ethanol, and ethanol absorbs moisture which leads to deposits in carburetors and fuel systems, making your outdoor power equipment hard to start. Additionally, ethanol is a solvent, which means it will deteriorate plastic and rubber fuel system components often leading to complete rebuilds. Save money in the long run by protecting your lawn and outdoor equipment from damage.

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